High-Tech, Comprehensive Dental Implant and Full-Mouth Reconstruction Services

Dr. Malin built Grand River Dental as a premier dental implant and full-mouth reconstruction center which provides start-to-finish solutions for any patient. He delivers cutting-edge, full-service implant dentistry and full-mouth reconstruction treatment and can provide, all in one office, anything you may need with regard to implants and new teeth. Dr. Malin can place a dental implant and crown for one missing tooth all the way to rebuilding your entire arch with stable and well-functioning new teeth that are strong, beautiful and look totally natural.

Tour Our Beautiful, Relaxing Office

Tour our officeOur spacious and beautiful office is very relaxing, and we have numerous amenities to help make your visits stress-free and comfortable. We have a full coffee bar, chocolates and juices in reception, and blankets, pillows and headphones for added comfort in the dental chair.

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Friendly, Comfortable care

Friendly, Comfortable careOur staff are very friendly and will treat you like family when you come to see us. They will attend to your every need, and you can always come to them with a question or concern.

Dr. Malin is very warm and caring, and really listens to your goals and concerns. He takes care to thoroughly explain your treatment and answer all of your questions so you know what is going to happen every step of the way. And if you suffer from anxiety during dental procedures, Dr. Malin can help you feel comfortable using the NuCalm® system, a revolutionary set of natural tools and techniques that induce a state of deep relaxation that is equivalent to that of oral and IV sedation, but without the use of drugs.

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State-of-the-Art Technology for Minimally Invasive Treatment

home-techDr. Malin’s use of a state-of-the-art cone beam CT scanner to obtain 3D 360-degree views of your teeth and jaw will make your treatment accurate, efficient and comfortable. Using these images in combination with special implant planning software, he will precisely map out the exact placement for your dental implants without the need for invasive exploratory surgery.

He will also create a surgical guide to aid in inserting the implants at the precise position and angle needed for a successful outcome. This guarantees complete accuracy of placement and makes the procedure fast and minimally invasive.

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Real Patient Stories

larry-testimonial“Dr. Malin is very friendly, courteous, tells it like it is and really listens.”

“My teeth were pretty bad. They were chipped, discolored and some were loose. I came to Dr. Malin to get implants and I have had a very pleasurable experience throughout the entire process.

“Everyone treated me exceptionally well, the receptionist, the dental assistant, and in particular, Dr. Malin. They also treated my wife like she was an important part of the family and she wasn’t even the one getting treatment.

“Dr. Malin is very personable, honest and trustworthy, and he is excellent at his craft. He’s extremely knowledgeable and experienced. I feel I made the right decision to go with full upper implants based on his expertise and guidance.

“I have no more pain, I’m eating better and will be able to eat anything I want now. I have a nice smile and better self-image. I am totally satisfied with everything associated with Grand River Dental and would highly recommend them to anyone.

—Larry – Dental Implants

sharon-testimonial“Dr. Malin is competent, efficient and very caring.”

“I like the relaxed atmosphere of his office. Everyone there is courteous, helpful and professional and they act pleased to see you when you come in. They would always follow up on any question I had.

“Dr. Malin is competent, efficient and very caring. He listens and is always available to answer questions or concerns.

“I first came to Dr. Malin to get a partial denture made. He looked at my situation and recommended implants and new crowns and felt I would like them.

“He was correct. I have had five implants placed and it was the best decision I ever made. It does a lot for your self-confidence to have all of your teeth.

“Like everyone my age, I dreaded dental work. We remember pain and terrible experiences. I feel that Dr. Malin helped me overcome my fears with pain-free care. And now I have all my teeth and feel very good about it.

“I have never had any thoughts about changing dentists. Dr. Malin is great!”

—Sharon – Dental Implants

john-testimonial“Dr. Malin is very considerate and thorough.”

“When I first came to see Dr. Malin, I had two bridges and a number of fillings and inlays and was in need of restructuring.

“Dr. Malin is very considerate and thorough. He did excellent work in rebuilding my jaws.”

—John – Implant-Supported Fixed Bridges

frances-testimonial“The staff at Grand River Dental are awesome! They are all nice, friendly and very efficient.”

“My teeth were not I the greatest shape, and I came to Dr. Malin to get fixed.

“The staff at Grand River Dental are awesome! They are all nice, friendly and very efficient. Dr. Malin really listens, aims to please his patients and does excellent work. He is very professional and always easy to work with.

“Dr. Malin has done a great deal of work on my teeth. I have had bone grafts and dental implants and I have a much more confident smile!”

—Frances – Dental Implants, Bone Grafts

lisa-testimonial“Dr. Malin is very personable and really explained my procedure well.”

“My front tooth had become infected from a root canal I had been given 12 years ago. My husband referred me to Dr. Malin to get taken care of.

“The staff were great! After examination it turned out I needed to replace the tooth and would need an implant and new crown. Dr. Malin is very personable and really explained my procedure well. He assured me that everything would be fine.

“I had no difficulties with the healing of the implant and I am very happy with the crown I received—a technician came to the office and did a shade match so it would be perfect. Most dentists do not offer that kind of personal service.

“I have a great smile with my new implant and crown. I would recommend Grand River Dental to family and friends. It was a very professional and personal experience.”

—Lisa – Dental Implant

patti-testimonial“Dr. Malin is very knowledgeable and has great expertise in what he does.”

“As a child, I had a space between my front teeth and an overbite. In grade school, I began orthodontic treatment, including a headgear which eventually reduced to a retainer. By high school, my teeth looked great but I began having headaches and my jaw would lock up. I would put my head back while washing my hair my hair in the shower and my jaw would lock. It would be a painful hour or so before I could work it loose.

“The pain and headaches continued for years. I sought help from the medical community, but if the letters “T”, “M” and “J” appeared in any combination on my diagnosis, insurance wouldn’t touch it. I saw a dentists and was told I needed an MRI. I paid for one out-of-pocket, and the results showed that my jaw was dislocated on both sides. The disc on one side was completely gone, and on the other side the disk was in fragments.

“I went to physical therapy where they iced and massaged my jaw. I went to a chiropractor. I took lots of ibuprofen. I had an orthotic made by a dentist which helped but which broke easily. I went to a major teaching and research hospital. They suggested irrigating my jaws to remove fragments of the disks. I decided against anything that invasive.

“I also has many ear infections during this time and had to have tubes put in my ears. In hindsight, I see that my Eustachian tubes were being narrowed by the pressure from my misplaced jaw.

“Enter Dr. Leo Malin. I came to his office on referral from my brother. I found all the staff to be very personable and professional. Dr. Malin is very knowledgeable and has great expertise in what he does. His neuromuscular approach combined with his technical knowledge and experience is what gave me back a life free of jaw pain and headaches.

“Using special technology, he determined where the bite should be so muscles would not fire. Then he provided me with an orthotic that really worked. It gave me my life back, getting rid of the tension headaches and jaw pain. Without it, I would have been on a liquid diet and pain medicine forever.

“While the orthotic relieved my jaw pain and served as a means to make sure my bite was correct, it was not ideal aesthetically. What happened next was an absolute God-send. Dr. Malin did a full-mouth reconstruction so that not only my teeth came together and I had no pain, I had a beautiful smile!

“My mouth and jaw feel great, and I can now confidently smile and converse without a second thought. I had forgotten how fantastic that feels!”

—Patti – Full-Mouth Reconstruction with TMJ Treatment

steve-testimonial“Dr. Malin has a great personality and really makes you feel comfortable.”

“My teeth were broken-down, had very bad erosion and were in terrible condition. It really put a strain on social situations and I knew I had to do something. I found out about Dr. Malin from my boss who had been treated by him and now had a great smile. I decided to go to Dr. Malin and see what he could do.

“The staff are very courteous, very hands-on and give excellent service. The office was very visually impressive and super-clean.

“Dr. Malin has a great personality and really makes you feel comfortable. He is very easy to converse with and you can tell he’s looking out for your best interests.

“My treatment and results were excellent. Dr. Malin’s work speaks for itself. I’ve seen his TV spots and they don’t do him justice. He appears like just a regular dentists but he’s so much more.

“For 18 years I could not smile, not even at my wife. She would get this “lip smile”. Now I look great (even my friends say so), I’m more confident, and yes, I can smile!”

—Steve – Full-Mouth Reconstruction

kayla-testimonial“Dr. Malin is very talented and humble and I felt I was in the absolute greatest hands.”

“My teeth were brittle, weak and ugly. It was also hard to bite into apples and eating had become more difficult. I found out about Grand River Dental from one of my clients who knew Dr. Malin.

“The practice is beautiful and welcoming and I was treated like family. It is also very organized and clean.

“Dr. Malin is very talented and humble and I felt I was in the absolute greatest hands. He is the best. He is very down-to-earth and is very passionate about what he does.

“The entire treatment was actually very fast, and I have been very happy with the results. I have a renewed sense of ease with my clients and I am no longer embarrassed to smile. I can finally shine!”

—Kayla – Full-Mouth Crowns

wayne-testimonial“Dr. Malin did an excellent job. The experience was very beneficial and rewarding.”

“I came to Dr. Malin to address pain and infection in the root area of a tooth that ended up needing to be extracted.

“The practice has an excellent staff who are very friendly and professional. All the staff are well-trained and very knowledgeable about their responsibilities. The office is very well-organized, well maintained and has an excellent atmosphere.

“Dr. Malin is very knowledgeable, professional and thorough. He is an excellent dentist in all areas. He does an excellent job of explaining the situation with your teeth and laying out the different options for improving the things that need to be addressed.

“I got the pain and infection eliminated and received a bone graft and a single implant. Dr. Malin did an excellent job. The experience was very beneficial and rewarding.”

—Wayne – Implant with Bone Graft

ellen-testimonial“Dr. Malin is very personable and straightforward and is really one-of-a-kind.”

“I came to Dr. Malin as my upper and lower front teeth had worn down and there were clicking sounds when I opened and closed my mouth due to my bite being incorrect.

“From the moment I walked into this very beautiful office, I felt the entire staff did a superb job taking care of me. The staff have wonderful personalities and I am always greeted with a beautiful smile. All the staff are very professional and I have complete trust in their work.

“Dr. Malin is very personable and straightforward and is really one-of-a-kind. I can tell he loves his job. He makes light of his talents, but he is one of the most talented people I know. Dr. Malin puts his whole heart and soul into whatever he does. He was extremely competent in any dental procedures he performed on my teeth and those of my family.

“Dr. Malin did the entire procedure in a very timely manner and there was no pain at all! I have no more clicks when opening and closing my mouth and people tell me I have a beautiful smile. I am very grateful for Dr. Malin’s expertise.”

—Ellen – Full-Mouth Crowns

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