Dentures in La Crosse

Dentures in La Crosse

Comfortable, Natural-Looking Dentures

Dr. Malin provides high-quality, comfortable and well-fitting dentures, as well as fast denture relines and repairs. He is very skilled and experienced in making dentures that look natural and fit optimally in terms of feel and function.

Dr. Malin also provides implant-supported dentures, the latest innovation in denture technology. He can create a new set of completely stable, implant-supported teeth or he can put special attachments on an existing denture so it can be anchored onto implants to provide stability and chewing power.

Our Well-Fitting, High-Quality Dentures

Dr. Malin makes dentures exceptionally well-fitting and comfortable by analyzing your bite and jaw joints and designing your dentures for optimum alignment. This will cause your facial muscles to relax and minimize or eliminate any muscle stiffness or pain in your face, jaw or neck that would result from a misaligned bite.

He uses a sophisticated set of computerized diagnostic instruments to measure how your jaws come together, how your facial muscles react to the motion of your jaws, where muscle or joint pain is occurring and how your jaw joints function.

From this information he can tell how much your bite is out of alignment and can simultaneously determine the proper bite relationship. This diagnostic data is then used in fabricating your new dentures.

Flexible, Metal-Free Partial Dentures

valplastDr. Malin offers two types of metal-free partial dentures, Valplast® and Cu-Sil®. Valplast is a flexible partial made from a strong, lightweight nylon that is resistant to breakage. These partials adapt well to the constant movements in your mouth and look very natural. Valplast offers a lifetime guarantee against breakage and fracture.

Photo from partials are high-quality acrylic dentures that fit over and around your natural teeth and provide open spaces for your teeth to fit through. Elastic seals around the tooth openings hold the denture in place and cushion the teeth and gums, making the dentures extremely well-fitting and comfortable. The artificial gum line of the denture surrounds both your prosthetic teeth and your natural teeth, which makes the edges of the denture hardly noticeable.

Dr. Malin will explain the unique benefits and advantages of each type of partial denture so you can make an informed choice. He will also give his recommendation if he feels one of them would work better in your circumstances.

Full-Arch, Immediate Dentures

Old DenturesIf your remaining teeth are decayed or damaged beyond repair, Dr. Malin can perform all needed extractions and provide you with a brand new set of teeth the same day. After an initial exam and treatment planning, Dr. Malin will fabricate custom temporary dentures that are ready for you to wear immediately after your teeth are extracted. Your temporary dentures will be comfortable, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

On the day of your procedure, Dr. Malin will gently extract your teeth and place your temporary dentures. When the extraction sites have healed, Dr. Malin will check your temporaries for fit and comfort and will make any needed adjustments before designing your permanent dentures. Your custom, permanent dentures will look very natural and aesthetic, sit comfortably in your mouth and provide excellent bite alignment.

Dr. Malin fabricates dentures without the bulky, oversized look of traditional dentures, giving them a much more natural appearance. He designs them so they can be supported by dental implants in the future, in case you ever wish to further stabilize your dentures and increase your chewing power.

Strong, Stable New Teeth with Implant-Supported Dentures

Dr. Malin is an expert at placing dental implants to support stable new replacement teeth and can also use implants to stabilize existing dentures. Implant-supported dentures provide significantly increased chewing power and have many other important benefits. Dr. Malin offers a number of options and will be happy to advise you on which option would best suit your needs and desires.

Fully fixed, New Teeth in One Day

implantsDr. Malin can place four specially designed implants in each arch to support a beautiful set of secure replacement teeth which can only be removed by a dentist. Known as the “New Teeth in One Day” procedure, this breakthrough technique makes it possible for most patients to receive implant-supported full-arch replacement teeth without the need for bone grafting. This even includes patients with severe bone loss who in the past would not have been candidates for implants.

Your new teeth will be made with state-of-the-art zirconia, an extremely strong and lifelike ceramic that is among the latest advances in dentistry. Unlike regular dentures, your upper-arch teeth will have no false palate that interferes with your sense of taste. And because your new teeth will be supported by implants, they will provide 85% of the chewing power of regular teeth.

In most cases, Dr. Malin can perform any needed extractions, place all necessary implants and provide a functional set of new teeth all on the same day!

Learn more about New Teeth in One Day.

Implant-supported, removable snap-in dentures

impant supported snap in denturesDr. Malin can provide you with a new set of high-quality dentures that snap onto implants using special snap-in attachments. Your new dentures will be held firmly in place and will not move around in your mouth or make clicking noises. They can also be removed any time for cleaning.

Traditional dentures only provide about 10% of the chewing power of real teeth. With your new snap-on dentures, your chewing power will increase to 60 percent.

Your dentures will not be large and bulky, and will be designed for proper bite alignment. With snap-on dentures, a false palate in the upper denture is usually unnecessary, so there is nothing to interfere with sense of taste or sensitivity to heat and cold.

Learn more about implant-supported snap-in dentures.

Stabilizing your existing dentures

implant retained snap inIf you want to increase the stability and chewing power of your current dentures, Dr. Malin can retrofit them with special attachments that snap onto implants.

When your dentures are stabilized by implants, they will not move around or make clicking sounds when you eat or speak. Your dentures will be comfortable to wear and your chewing power will be significantly enhanced.

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