Implant‑Supported Snap‑In Dentures in La Crosse


Full-Arch, Stable Replacement Teeth with Top-Quality Implant Dentistry

Implant‑Supported Snap‑In Dentures in La CrosseDue to recent advancements in technology, you don’t have to live with dentures that slip in your mouth, offer minimal chewing power and cause painful sores as they lose their fit. Dr. Malin can provide you with stable, full-arch replacement teeth that will stay in place and provide greatly increased chewing power.

Implant-supported, removable snap-in dentures are connected to dental implants by special snap-in attachments, but can easily be removed for cleaning. These new dentures are stable and do not need adhesives to keep them in place. There is no false palate covering the roof of your mouth and inhibiting your sense of taste.

Experienced, Highly Skilled Implant Dentist

Dr. Malin with certificate

Dr. Malin is a world-renowned implant dentistry expert.

Dr. Malin started placing implants in 1993 and worked diligently from the beginning to become expert in all aspects of implant treatment. Today he is a world-renowned and highly respected implant dentist who has pioneered technical advancements in implant dentistry that have led to several U.S. patents.

Dr. Malin is a recognized top-level educator of other dentists in implant procedures, and has been featured as a leader in continuing education in Dentistry Today magazine. He is both the director and teacher of the implant training courses at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, and he delivers continuing education seminars on implant procedures at numerous other venues in the United States and abroad.

Dr. Malin is able to provide custom implant-supported tooth replacement to any patient, no matter how complex the case, in the comfort of our office. He will lay out a detailed, tailor-made treatment plan for you, and provide you with new teeth are durable, beautiful and fully functioning.

How Implant-Supported, Snap-In Dentures Work

impant supported snap in denturesDr. Malin uses digital X-rays, 3D CT scans and advanced computerized jaw and bite analysis to plan the exact position of each implant that will support your new dentures. He will place five or six implants along your upper arch and four or five implants along your lower arch. Your treatment will be meticulously planned and prepared so your teeth will come together in a natural way after your procedure, resulting in a comfortable bite alignment.

The tops of your implants and the underside of your new implant-supported dentures will be fitted with special attachments that allow the dentures to snap firmly onto the implants. Your dentures will not move around, slip or click while you eat or talk. Your chewing power will increase to 60 percent of that of natural teeth. You will still be able to remove your new dentures for cleaning, just like traditional dentures.

Your new snap-in dentures will be fabricated so they are not large and bulky, making them natural-looking and comfortable to wear. Your upper denture will have no false palate that inhibits your sense of taste and impedes your sensitivity to heat and cold, so you can fully enjoy the foods you like to eat.

Using Implants to Stabilize Your Current Dentures

implant retained snap inIf you are currently wearing dentures and would like them to have greater stability and increased chewing power, Dr. Malin can stabilize your existing denture using dental implants, essentially turning it into an implant-supported, removable snap-in denture.

Dentures that are stabilized by implants do not move around and are much more comfortable to wear. Your chewing power will also be significantly enhanced and you will be able to eat many more different foods than you could when your denture had no implant support.

How denture stabilization works

Dr. Malin will place several implants in strategic positions to support your dentures. The tops of the implants and the inside of your dentures will be fitted with attachments that allow your dentures to snap onto the implants and be held firmly in place. You will experience the benefits of the added support while wearing your dentures, and you will still be able to remove them easily for cleaning or as desired.

Same-Day Fixed-In Replacement Teeth

Patient looking into mirror to see new teeth finish

Dr. Malin can provide you with permanently fixed-in teeth that provide maximum chewing power.

As an alternative to snap-in dentures, Dr. Malin can provide you with a full-arch set of replacement teeth that are permanently fixed in your mouth. This option provides even greater chewing power and has other advantages.

For most patients, Dr. Malin can perform the necessary procedure in a single day, without the need for bone grafting—even if the patient has experienced severe bone loss and was not previously a candidate for implants.

Learn more about New Teeth in One Day procedure.

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