State-of-the-Art Technology

Dr. Malin uses state-of-the-art technology for precise diagnosis, accurate treatment planning and minimally invasive procedures.

  • Digital X-Rays

    Nomad 2 hand held dental x-rayWe use advanced portable digital X-ray devices that emit only 15-20% of the radiation transmitted by traditional X-ray machines, and produce highly detailed pictures that are available immediately. These images are clearer than film X-rays, and Dr. Malin is able to magnify them, change contrast and colorize them as needed to enhance detail or zoom in on tiny areas.

  • Cone Beam 3D CT Scanner

    State of the Art TechnologyOur cone beam 3D CT scanner takes a rapid series of X-rays in a 360-degree circle around your head. These images are computer-processed into high-resolution 3D views of your teeth, jaws and surrounding structures. They can be viewed from any angle and magnified as desired for a more detailed inspection. The CT scan provides minute details not available with any other form of X-ray.


  • Panoramic X-Rays

    State of the Art TechnologyPanoramic X-rays give Dr. Malin the ability to inspect your entire upper and lower arch in one single image, clearly displaying your teeth, sinuses, jaw and other anatomical structures. They are a valuable additional tool for a comprehensive analysis of your oral health, and help make diagnosis and treatment planning accurate and efficient.

  • Computer-Guided Implant Planning Software

    codiagnostix-smallIf you are receiving dental implants, Dr. Malin will use special 3D software to map out in advance the precise position, angle and depth of insertion for each implant. He also uses it to plan out any needed bone grafting ahead of time.

  • Surgical Guides

    surgicalGuideA surgical guide is a template that fits over your dental arch and marks the precise location and angle for each implant to be placed. Dr. Malin uses surgical guides for accuracy and to make the surgical procedure faster and more efficient. Guided surgery also makes implant placement less invasive by removing the need for preparatory exploratory surgery in most cases.

  • Electric Handpieces for Drilling and Implant Placement

    electric HandpieceDr. Malin uses electric handpieces for insertion of dental implants and tooth preparation for dental restorations. Not only are these instruments quieter than drills powered by other sources, the speed and strength of the drill can be precisely controlled and adjusted to each patient’s needs. This makes tooth preparation and implant placement more efficient and more comfortable.

  • Ultrasonic Surgical Device

    PiezosurgeryTouch_tbDr. Malin uses an ultrasonic surgical device to penetrate or sculpt hard surfaces and bone. The micro vibrating tip of the device precisely carves bone but does not affect any soft tissues. This technology is more accurate and less invasive than traditional surgical instruments, and is used as needed when bone grafting or dental implant procedures require some bone modification.

  • Digital Intraoral and Extraoral Cameras

    intraoral CameraOur intraoral and extraoral cameras take high-resolution digital pictures of the inside and outside of your mouth, and give Dr. Malin detailed views of your gums, teeth, smile and bite alignment. These images provide additional information for diagnostics and treatment planning and provide a visual reference for your records.

  • Digital Impression Scanner

    3 shapeDr. Malin uses an advanced digital scanner to take 3D impressions of your teeth in preparation for dental restorations. The scanned images are much more accurate than traditional goopy impressions and the impressions are far more comfortable for patients.

  • Isolite® Oral Illumination System

    isoliteThe Isolite System makes dental procedures more comfortable for you and more efficient for Dr. Malin. Isolite is a dental appliance with a mouthpiece that allows you to hold your jaw open without strain or fatigue. The contours of the mouthpiece also keep your tongue and cheeks comfortably out of the way while leaving the treatment area easily accessible, dry and well-illuminated.


  • Surgical Magnification Eyeglasses

    State of the Art TechnologyDr. Malin uses special surgical magnification eyeglasses known as surgical loupes for a detailed view of tiny areas. Magnification allows him to be very precise in extremely small areas of your mouth, thus helping to make your procedures as minimally invasive as possible.

  • Advanced Jaw Motion and Bite Alignment Analysis

    State of the Art TechnologyDr. Malin uses a highly advanced set of computer-connected measuring devices known as the K-7 Evaluation System to precisely determine your current jaw and bite alignment as well as your optimum jaw and bite relationship.

  • Local Anesthetic Delivery System

    local-anesthLocal anesthetics are highly acidic and cause very uncomfortable burning sensations when injected. Dr. Malin uses a unique high-tech mixing system which adds a natural agent (sodium bicarbonate) into the anesthetic. This neutralizes the acidity and brings the pH level of the anesthetic very close to the natural pH of your body, so that the anesthetic produces little to no unpleasant sensation when administered.

  • NuCalm®  Drug-Free Relaxation Technology

    Malin-(105)-techFor patients who need extra help to relax during procedures, Dr. Malin uses a breakthrough neuroscience technology known as NuCalm. NuCalm is a highly effective, safe and proven alternative to oral and IV sedation that induces a state of deep relaxation in patients without the use of drugs. Each element of the NuCalm procedure calms the body and eliminates anxiety by addressing different senses of the body.

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