Why Choose Grand River Dental for your Tooth Replacement

Doctor Malin in from of operatory

Our office was custom-design to provide start-to-finish dental implant and full-mouth reconstruction treatment for any patient.

Dr. Leo Malin provides top-quality dental implant services using the latest in advanced technology.

He built Grand River Dental as a premier dental implant and full-mouth reconstruction center with start-to-finish solutions for any patient. Below are the many features that set us apart as the best place to receive your dental implants and new replacement teeth.

Dr. Malin is a world-renowned, highly respected leader in implant dentistry

Dr. Malin with certificate

Dr. Malin is a world-renowned leader in implant dentistry.

Dr. Malin started placing implants in 1993 with the aim of providing the best possible treatment for his patients. He studied and researched intensively after his initial training and eventually became a top-flight expert in all aspects of dental implant treatment. He has pioneered several advancements in dental implant procedures which have led to four U.S. patents.

Dr. Malin is a world-renowned instructor in dental implant procedures, and has been recognized as a leader in dental continuing education in Dentistry Today magazine. In addition to lecturing on implant treatment at continuing education seminars across the U.S. and abroad, he is the Director of the implant training program at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, where he teaches eight courses per year.

He will make sure that every step of your treatment is done just right, so that you will receive the best possible results.

Dr. Malin uses only premium-quality implants that provide superior stability

ImplantDescriptionDr. Malin owns his own dental implant design and manufacturing company that makes the premium implant posts he uses for his patients. These implants have very tight connections to their abutments and are therefore less susceptible to bacterial infection. They have an exceptional ability to maintain the levels of the surrounding bone and gum tissue over time. This provides superior stability compared to most other designs.

Dr. Malin’s implants can also be placed farther below the gum line than most implants. This allows your dental restorations to appear as if they originate naturally from under your gumline.

Dr. Malin aligns your bite as part of your dental implant treatment

Bite alignment with K7

Dr. Malin uses the K7 Evaluation System to determine optimal jaw and bite alignment.

Dr. Malin uses a set of highly advanced computer-connected measuring devices known as the K-7 Evaluation System to precisely detect the nature and extent of any jaw or bite misalignment. The system will also determine your mouth’s optimal bite relationship.

If needed, Dr. Malin will use the diagnostic data produced by the system to bring your bite into proper alignment as part of your treatment plan.

This is a vital aspect of your treatment outcome, as a misaligned bite can cause pain in your face or neck muscles which at times can be debilitating. It also puts excessive bite forces on your implants and tooth restorations, which can destabilize the implants over time and cause your teeth to wear down.

Dr. Malin uses zirconia tooth restorations for exceptional strength and aesthetics

Dr. Malin makes most of his implant-supported tooth restorations out of zirconia, the most durable and lifelike ceramic ever developed for use in dentistry. It is much stronger than regular porcelain and highly resistant to chipping, fracture or breakage.

For visible areas of your smile, Dr. Malin will often add layers of a more translucent porcelain over your restorations to achieve the light-reflecting effects of natural tooth enamel. This gives your replacement teeth a very beautiful and natural appearance, while also providing superior strength and durability.

You can receive your extractions, dental implants and top-quality replacement teeth all in one office

Not only is Dr. Malin an expert in all aspects of dental implant placement, he is also highly skilled and experienced at designing and placing the top-quality crowns, bridges, dentures and full-arch new teeth that your implants will support. At Grand River Dental we can take care of all aspects of your dental implant treatment in-house, making us a premium-quality, start-to-finish solution for all your dental implant needs.

Dr. Malin keeps his rates affordable

Dr. Malin provides world-class dental implant and full-mouth reconstruction services using only the highest-quality implants and the most durable and lifelike tooth restorations. However, he keeps his rates very affordable in order to give as many people as possible the opportunity to receive the benefits of premium- quality implants and new teeth. We also have many payment options to make getting the treatment you need as easy as possible.

Learn more about our payment options.

Dr. Malin uses a breakthrough drug-free relaxation system

Why Choose Grand River Dental for your Tooth Replacement

The NuCalm system produces a state of deep relaxation using natural methods, and without the use of drugs.

For patients who need extra help with anxiety during dental procedures, Dr. Malin uses NuCalm®, a highly effective and safe alternative to oral and IV sedation that induces a state of deep relaxation without the use of drugs. During the NuCalm procedure, natural nutritional compounds, muscle stimulation and specific soothing, low-frequency sounds are used to relax your body and induce a state of profound calm and lack of tension.

NuCalm produces a deep and powerful relaxation experience where there is no tendency to feel anxiety and you are extremely comfortable. The NuCalm procedure produces an equivalent result to drug-induced sedation in terms of comfort and lack of anxiety, but without the debilitating physical and mental side effects of sedation drugs.

Learn more about our NuCalm drug-free relaxation system.

Dr. Malin can give you extractions and dental implants on the same day

dental implant consultation with patient

Dr. Malin will go over every aspect of your implant treatment with you prior to your procedure.

Dr. Malin can place an implant immediately after extraction in the vast majority of cases. This is made possible by the fact that he performs very gentle tooth extractions with little to no damage to the surrounding gum and bone tissues. This preserves enough bone to allow him to place an implant and any needed bone graft simultaneously.

When you are having an implant placed in a visible area of your smile, Dr. Malin will always provide a temporary tooth to preserve your appearance while the implant heals, without placing any pressure on the implant. If you are a receiving full-arch of new implant-supported teeth, you will be fitted with highly aesthetic temporary teeth on the day of your procedure.

Dr. Malin can give you implant-supported dentures for greater stability and chewing power

implant retained snap inYou don’t have to live with dentures that slip in your mouth, have minimal chewing power and cause painful sores. Dr. Malin can place a series of dental implants that will stably retain a custom-fabricated new denture in place using special snap-in attachments.

These new dentures will snap firmly onto your implants and will not move around in your mouth or need adhesives to keep them in place. There will be no false palate covering the roof of your mouth that inhibits your sense of taste, and you will experience significantly increased chewing power.

Learn more about implant-supported snap-in dentures.

You can get implant-supported, fixed-in new teeth in one day

Dr. Malin in consultation with patient

Dr. Malin can provide you with highly aesthetic, fixed-in new teeth using the New Teeth in One Day procedure.

Dr. Malin can place as few as four implants on each arch to support a full-arch set of teeth that are securely fixed-in and provide almost full chewing power. This revolutionary treatment makes it possible for most patients to receive stable implant-supported teeth without the need for bone grafting—even those patients who have experienced severe bone loss.

Your new teeth will look and feel totally natural and won’t slip or irritate your gums. And due to Dr. Malin’s use of very advanced technology, he can perform all needed extractions, place all your implants and have you walking out with a new set of replacement teeth all on the same day!

Learn more about our New Teeth in One Day procedure.

Dr. Malin can reconstruct your entire smile with dental implants and premium restorations

Dr. Malin with patient looking at before and after images

Dr. Malin can restore your entire smile to full health, function and beauty with full-mouth reconstruction.

Whether you have broken-down teeth or are already wearing dentures, Dr. Malin can rebuild your entire mouth with a custom-made treatment program to reconstruct your smile.

Dr. Malin has been practicing dentistry for over 25 years and is highly experienced in all procedures involved in full-mouth reconstruction. He places premium-quality dental implants and provides strong and lifelike replacement teeth to restore your smile to full health, function and beauty.

Learn more about full-mouth reconstruction.

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