Full-Mouth Reconstruction in La Crosse

Patient looking at teeth in mirror with doctor

Using the latest dental techniques and technology, Dr. Malin can restore your smile to full health and beauty.

Restore Your Smile to Full Health and Beauty

Various factors, such as accidents, or untreated gum disease or tooth decay, can lead a person to a situation where their entire mouth is in constant pain, chewing is difficult and smiling is embarrassing. If this has happened to you, full-mouth reconstruction is the solution. Dr. Malin can use a wide array of procedures to restore your mouth to full health and beauty.

Experienced full-mouth reconstruction dentist

state-of-the-art techniques and the latest 3D technology

Dr. Malin uses state-of-the-art techniques and the latest 3D technology to provide you with the best possible treatment.

Dr. Malin is very experienced in full-mouth reconstruction. He has helped many patients regain full oral health and achieve the smile of their dreams at the same time.

He is a world-renowned leader in dental implant treatment and is highly trained and experienced in all facets of dental restoration, including proper bite and jaw alignment. He uses state-of-the-art techniques and the latest 3D dental technology to make accurate diagnoses. His procedures are precise, efficient and minimally invasive. He can handle even highly complex cases in the comfort of our own office, providing custom solutions for every patient.

Do You Have Broken-Down Teeth or Are You Currently Wearing Dentures?

If you have broken-down teeth and need your entire arch rebuilt, Dr. Malin can provide you with strong and lifelike crowns. Dr. Malin is skilled at saving teeth and is often able to do so, but if any of your teeth are beyond repair, he can replace them with state-of-the-art dental implants and top-quality replacement teeth.

If you are currently wearing dentures, you are familiar with their limitations. Their minimal chewing power makes it hard or impossible to eat many of the foods you need, your sense of taste is inhibited, and the dentures often slip or click when you eat or talk. With a full-mouth reconstruction, Dr. Malin can provide you with implant-supported replacement teeth that are stable, comfortable, and provide greatly enhanced chewing power.

Free New Patient Exam & Consultation

Take advantage of our Free New Patient Exam and Consultation to receive a full exam and consultation with Dr. Malin. The doctor will examine you and go over your treatment options in detail. As part of your visit, you will receive the following:

New Patient Exam & Consultation

  • Full oral examination
  • Needed X-rays
  • Perio probing
  • Discuss your goals with Dr. Malin
  • Learn about your treatment options
  • Get all your questions answered
  • Treatment plan options with estimated costs

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Gentle, Comfortable Treatment

We consider your comfort a top priority and will do everything we can to make your visits pleasant and stress-free. Our friendly staff will happily take care of any of your needs. We will provide you with blankets, pillows and headphones for added comfort in the treatment chair, and we also provide dark glasses to neutralize any glare from the lighting in the room.

Dr. Malin is known for his caring and personable manner. He will make sure you understand what is going to happen during every step of your treatment, so you can feel relaxed and at ease.

NuCalm system uses natural methods

The NuCalm system uses natural methods to bring about a deeply relaxed state equivalent to drug-induced sedation.

Dr. Malin’s use of state-of-the-art technology enables our patients to receive minimally invasive and comfortable treatment. Should you need extra help to alleviate nervousness and keep you comfortable during your procedure, our NuCalm® drug-free deep relaxation system produces the same degree of comfort and lack of anxiety as drug-induced sedation, but without the debilitating and harmful side-effects of drugs.

Learn more about how we make your treatment comfortable.

Precise Diagnosis and Comprehensive Treatment Plan

State-of-the-art diagnostics and oral exam

John in CT scan machine

We use an advanced cone beam 3D CT scanner to obtain a detailed, 360-degree view of your entire jaw area.

Dr. Malin will first conduct a comprehensive oral exam and evaluation of your mouth. Your exam will include a thorough inspection of your teeth and gums, full digital x-rays, digital impressions for study models of your teeth, and digital photos of your smile. Using our 3D CT scanner, Dr. Malin will obtain a three-dimensional view of your teeth, jaw and skull, revealing details that are not available in any other X-rays and enabling Dr. Malin to plan precise treatment.

Comprehensive bite analysis

Using special computerized equipment, Dr. Malin will perform a comprehensive analysis of your jaw joints, face muscles and bite alignment to determine the proper relationship of your jaws, so that he can include any needed corrections as part of your treatment. Correct alignment of your jaw is essential to the stability and comfort of your new smile.

Meticulous treatment planning

Dr. Malin showing a model of teeth to a patient.

Dr. Malin will make study models of your teeth and jaws to meticulously plan out each step of your treatment.

Dr. Malin will use all the diagnostic information, images and study models of your teeth and jaws to meticulously plan out each step of your treatment.

Your new smile design

Before starting your procedure, Dr. Malin will present you with a wax model of your new teeth as they will look after your treatment. He will consult with you about the proposed design of your smile and will make any adjustments until you are completely happy with it. Once you have given your approval, treatment will begin.

Top-quality new teeth

Dr. Malin uses top-quality materials for all his dental restorations, including zirconia, an extremely durable and lifelike ceramic that is among the latest advances in dentistry. He will make sure your new smile is beautiful, long-lasting and natural-looking.

Our Full-Mouth Reconstruction Procedures

Dr. Malin can use one or a combination of several procedures as part of your full-mouth reconstruction treatment. He will devise a custom treatment plan based on your individual needs and circumstances.

Below are some of the procedures we often use during full-mouth reconstruction treatment:

  • Dental Implants—Dental implants are extremely strong, biocompatible titanium posts that act as artificial tooth roots, and they can be used to stably support an individual crown, an implant-supported bridge or a full set of replacement teeth.
  • New Teeth in One Day—Using the revolutionary New Teeth in One Day procedure, Dr. Malin can provide most patients with any needed extractions, implants and fixed-in, stable teeth in one day, without any need for bone grafting.
  • Implant-Supported Snap-In Dentures—Implant-supported snap-in dentures are the most economical form of full-arch implant-supported tooth replacement. They provide greatly enhanced chewing power and are fully stable in the mouth.
  • Crowns—A crown is porcelain coverings that caps the entirety of a tooth in order to strengthen it and fix any structural damage to the tooth. Crowns are sometimes also used as a solution for cosmetic flaws.
  • Bridges—A dental bridge is a series of connected crowns that can be used to replace a missing tooth (without replacing the tooth root). This has certain disadvantages compared to tooth replacement with dental implants (where the root is also replaced), but can be a suitable option in certain cases.
  • Veneers—Porcelain veneers are thin porcelain coverings that are bonded to the front of your teeth to repair minor chips or cracks or cover cosmetic flaws such as stains or rough tooth surfaces
  • Partial Dentures—Partial dentures are made of strong, medical-grade acrylic and are an ecomomical solution to replacing one or more missing teeth

Patient Testimonial

Full-Mouth Crowns patient Kayla“Dr. Malin is very talented and humble and I felt I was in the absolute greatest hands.”

“My teeth were brittle, weak and ugly. It was also hard to bite into apples and eating had become more difficult. I found out about Grand River Dental from one of my clients who knew Dr. Malin.

“The practice is beautiful and welcoming and I was treated like family. It is also very organized and clean.

“Dr. Malin is very talented and humble and I felt I was in the absolute greatest hands. He is the best. He is very down-to-earth and is very passionate about what he does.

“The entire treatment was actually very fast, and I have been very happy with the results. I have a renewed sense of ease with my clients and I am no longer embarrassed to smile. I can finally shine!”

Kayla—Full-Mouth Crowns

Before and afters

This patient received full-mouth reconstruction with crown and bridge restorations.


This patient received full-mouth reconstruction.

This patient received full-mouth reconstruction.

This patient received full-mouth restorations with implants.


This patient received full-mouth implants.

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